Alumni News

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Tom Eubank ’54 has a grandson, Luke, who is a freshman at UT Austin. Tom was a vice president and house manager in 1953 and 1954. He wishes the best to all his fraternity brothers. He lives in Houston, Texas. Email:

Robert T. Herrin ’55 has 12 grandchildren and one great-grandson. “Life is good for now!” He lives in Houston, Texas. Email:

Ed S. Harris ’62 shares that his brother, Bart Harris ’63[MP1] , lived in Dallas, Texas until his death in October 2019. His son, Bartow, was a Delt at Texas Tech and now lives in Denver. Ed resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Email:

Bill F. Klug ’62 has a son, Bill, who graduated from Texas in 1988 on a swimming scholarship. His daughter, Elizabeth, also graduated from Texas in 1988. Bill retired in 1996, and he and his wife, Mary, have traveled extensively—they last counted 115 countries. They live in Naples, Fla. Email:

The Hon. Michael E. Keasler ’64 received the 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award from the State Bar of Texas Judicial Section on September 22, 2021. He lives in Austin, Texas. Email:

George M. Spear ’64 enjoys spending his winters at his home in Tucson, Ariz. He lives in Malaga, Wash. Email:

Gerry A. Solcher ’66 is a Vietnam veteran who was released with the rank of Captain. He resides in San Antonio, Texas. Email:

Chal D. Barnwell ’73 enjoys chapter updates. He lives in Bay City, Texas. Email:

JK Leonard ’85 has opened a solo practice after maintaining an active trial practice over the past 33 years. His practice is devoted entirely to mediation and the resolution of private civil disputes. He can be reached at and information is available at James resides in Shavano Park, Texas. Email:

Jim Stanislaus ’93 is proud to have his son, Mason Stanislaus, in the Gamma Iota Delt fall 2021 pledge class. Mason is studying chemistry. Jim resides in Austin, Texas. Email:

Matt M. Breidenbach ’13 works at Google full-time and serves the U.S. Navy Reserves part-time. He lives in Austin, Texas. Email:

Steve Stodghill ’80 (left) and Bill Howard ’78 hit the links in Beavercreek, Colorado.

Brothers at the spring 2023 pledge class dinner hosted by Bill Frisbie ’84.

Jonathan Scott with Brady Wilkin ’25.