Alumni Board

Membership in Delta Tau Delta is more than an undergraduate experience. Your membership continues after graduation, just as you further develop and grow as a man. Undergraduates today can learn a lot from alumni like you. The experience you had and lessons you learned while in their shoes can be as valuable to new Delts as they were to you.

There are many ways to get involved with Delta Tau Delta as an alumnus. You should start by updating your information with the fraternity so we know what you’re up to these days. You are always welcome to come to events at the house. You could also help this generation and future generations of Delts by donating to the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation, where your gift will provide scholarships and fund educational programming to undergraduates.

Lee Matthews ’83 and I are extremely excited to be reviving a program that was unfortunately shut down due to COVID. The Delt Alumni Mentoring Program has a main goal of pairing active members with alumni within the same fields of study. Through this program, the active chapter can benefit greatly from you, our alumni. From giving simple advice on school to assisting with interviews and internship searches, you can have a great impact on the active chapter. If you wish to be involved or have any questions concerning this program, please feel free to reach me at (832) 919-2383 or or Lee Matthews at (817) 223-5190 or

Aiden Tijerina ’26
Alumni Relations Chairman