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Ryan Harrington ’99 Paves the Way for Future Texas Delts

Life at the University of Texas wouldn’t have been the same had Ryan Harrington ’99 not become a member of Delta Tau Delta. From the first day of recruitment, he knew Texas Delt was the perfect place for him on campus. Everyone he met displayed outstanding camaraderie and community, which helped solidify his decision to become a member and expand his college experience.

Today, Ryan is the founder, president, and CEO of Trinity Healthcare. With approximately 1,400 employees, Trinity Healthcare owns and operates nursing homes throughout the state of Texas. “My time with Texas Delt was an important part of my college and growth as a person,” Ryan said. “It provided me with opportunities for leadership roles, networking, interacting, and engaging with my peers that are still valuable today.”

When an opportunity to give back presented itself, Ryan wanted to do his part in allowing future members similar experiences to the ones he had. Not only that, facility improvements are necessary for the chapter to remain a leader not just in the Greek system, but as a campus organization at UT. “If you believe like I do that Texas Delt was a beneficial part of college life, you should consider supporting the continued development of our chapter for future generations.”

Ryan and his wife, Nissa, live in Fort Worth with their four children: Henry, Andrew, Avery, and James. He remains supportive of Texas Delt, has served on the Texas Delt Alumni Board, and in his spare time, he coaches his kids’ soccer teams and attends their events. You can connect with Ryan at

Laura and Kyndel Bennett ’92 Make a Difference and Were Awarded Outstanding Philanthropists 

An Enriching Engagement

How Bryan Barksdale ’93 Made the Most of Brotherhood

Memphis, Tennessee, native Bryan Barksdale ’93 knew no one when he arrived at The University of Texas in pursuit of a psychology degree in the fall of 1989. He encountered a Delta Tau Delta member for the first time during formal recruitment week, after most of the chapter’s pledge class had already been formed. “During fall recruitment week, I met a lot of the guys who had already accepted Delt bids during summer recruitment, which cemented my decision to join the fraternity,” shared Bryan. “I knew that they were the type of guys that I wanted to be around for the next four years and beyond.”

After pledging Delt, Bryan balanced his time between academic pursuits, Delt brotherhood, and campus leadership, eventually serving as chapter pledge trainer in the spring of 1992. He was very active with the Interfraternity Council, ultimately serving as IFC president his senior year after holding a number of officer positions prior to that. “With respect to campus leadership, I was a Texas Cowboy, served as an orientation advisor, and was recognized as a Campus Goodfellow,” Bryan added. In addition, Bryan was one of 15 active Delts from around the country selected to attend the national fraternity’s inaugural Leadership Academy in 1992.

Bryan encourages Delt pledges and active members to become as involved with the fraternity and campus leadership opportunities as possible. “Your engagement is not only enriching for you, but it pays dividends to Gamma Iota as well,” he stated. “There is no doubt that the bonds that you forge within the chapter will last a lifetime and will be among the deepest relationships you build in your life.” Even so, Bryan emphasizes the importance of not being consumed by any single involvement, the fraternity included. Rather, Delt men should branch out with enthusiasm and intent, and ideally, be multifaceted. “My fraternity big brother encouraged me to get involved in campus leadership activities during the fall of my freshman year, and I’m very thankful that he did,” he says. “My time at UT wouldn’t have been the same without those experiences, and it opened many doors for me.”

His experience at UT led him to pursue a graduate degree in higher education administration, and Bryan earned his M.Ed. from the University of Mississippi. He spent a summer working for the national fraternity in Indianapolis, organizing the Adopt Atlanta program and serving as instructor for the undergraduate Leadership Academy in 1994. Thereafter, he worked at Ole Miss as the assistant dean of students, overseeing Greek life and student organizations. After several years at Ole Miss, he enrolled in law school at Washington & Lee University, where he earned his J.D.

Today, Bryan is the general counsel and secretary of YETI, an outdoor products company based in Austin. “I am blessed to work with a group of people who are extremely passionate about what we do, and we get to design uncompromising products that combine design, durability, and performance and stand up to the world’s harshest conditions,” said Bryan.

Though day-to-day life does not allow a great deal of time to keep in regular touch with his fellow Delts, Bryan finds that he and his chapter brothers are able to reconnect without missing a beat, regardless of how much time has passed since they last saw one another.

Bryan and his wife, Kristi, have three sons, Carter, William, and Robert, and his life revolves around family and family activities. He is an avid outdoorsman and fly fisherman, knows his way around the kitchen and barbecue pit, and plays the guitar when time permits. Bryan last visited the Gamma Iota chapter house about six months ago and says, “I’m always impressed with the quality of the active members that I meet when I visit. I’m proud to be a part of that continuing legacy.” You can connect with Bryan at

Delta Tau Delta Still Important to Brandon Boehme ’86
More Than 30 Years Later

Many brothers, including Brandon Boehme ’86, reflect on their decision to join Delta Tau Delta as one of the best decisions they have ever made. “I joined the Delts because I wanted to be involved in what was going on at UT, and the fraternity seemed to be the best vehicle for getting into the social scene,” Brandon says. “Most of the guys from my high school were Delts and I really never considered any other fraternities. I have never regretted my time at the Shelter or the friendships I started there. Being part of Gamma Iota has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.”

Brandon was a zealous member from the start and desired to become a leader in Gamma Iota. He served as pledge class social chairman, along with Bill Cox ’86, and they both went on to serve as chapter social chairman. Later on, Brandon was elected as alumni relations chairman and vice president. Brandon’s remarkable leadership allowed him to branch out and form valuable connections with brothers, many of which have remained intact to this day. “I may not see or talk to a lot of the guys for years at a time, but once we cross paths again, we pick right up where we left off. I am always amazed at how some of the wildest, most irresponsible human beings I have ever been around, myself included, turned out to be doctors, surgeons, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and highly skilled employees doing incredible work across the U.S. and abroad.”

A loyal Longhorn, Brandon makes it a goal to visit UT a few times each year for football games, spending time with family and relatives, and stopping by the Shelter to interact with the active brothers. He says, “I wish more Delts would get involved with supporting our chapter and giving back to the young men who are there now. I look around campus and see how so many other fraternities have new, state-of-the-art houses, and I want the Delts to stay competitive so they will be around for generations to come.”

After graduating from UT, Brandon attended law school at Baylor and worked as an attorney at Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff, and Miller in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1989, where he practiced for 25 years before retiring in 2013. He has lived and practiced in Fort Worth ever since. “While Austin is a wonderful place, where all my family still lives, I could not have picked a better place to call ‘home’ than Fort Worth,” he says.

Brandon and his wife, Cindy, who is a Texas Tech University graduate, enjoy being active in the Fort Worth community. “Like so many of my Delt brothers, I married way above myself,” Brandon says. “Cindy was in retail for many years and even had her own store for a while, but the last couple of years she has been a flight attendant for American Airlines, which has also greatly increased our travel adventures. We have no children, but it has allowed us to pour into the lives of hundreds of children in Brazil and around the world through our non-profit, so we consider ourselves to be the parents of them all!”

Although Brandon no longer practices law, he continues to consult and mentor young attorneys. Brandon and Cindy spend a lot of time in Brazil and Ecuador, where they have a second home. “I make sure I am always in Texas November through February for quail season, and I have a couple of German shorthair pointers I like to chase all over West Texas,” Brandon jokes. “The rest of my time is spent with other men who lift me up and encourage me to keep pursuing Christ. I want to help as many people as I can to be the best they can be, and find the happiness and peace I have found in pursuing a life of service to others.” You can contact Brandon at

John Stuart ’58 Encourages Alumni to be
Active Participants in the Success of DTD

The University of Texas has held a special place in the heart of John Stuart ’58 for many years, particularly because of his unparalleled experience in Delta Tau Delta. “One of the most memorable journeys in my life began more than 60 years ago, when I chose to become a part of Gamma Iota. I joined the chapter because I felt that I was very much at home with the membership, many of whom I knew from the moment I pledged,” John says.

Gamma Iota has been, and continues to be, known for its commitment to the highest standards and ranking among the top tier of fraternities at UT, which is something John takes great pride in. He says, “During my time in the chapter, Gamma Iota was the best of the best in every endeavor and made me want to excel at anything I set my mind to. In addition, I always enjoyed the fellowship with my brothers, whether it was during meals, working on projects, or participating in intramurals. We were always working for each other and for the pride of Gamma Iota.”

Success is something that Gamma Iota has helped John attain both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus, and he hopes the chapter’s commitment to excellence continues for future generations of DTD brothers. “The ongoing support from alumni is what helps keep Gamma Iota in the greatest shape possible, and allows our chapter to continue recruiting the best men UT has to offer,” John says. “Our undergraduate brothers need our support, and one of the easiest ways to make a difference is by giving back to Gamma Iota, whether it’s through finances or volunteering for the chapter. I am a proud supporter of Delta Tau Delta and I hope to inspire others to give back any way they can.”

John has played a pivotal role in maintaining Delta Tau Delta’s polished appearance on campus over the years. In the 1990s, he served as chairman of Gamma Iota’s capital campaign to update the Shelter, which helped him stay in contact with a number of his brothers from the ’50s. It is the hard work and dedication from alumni like John that will help Gamma Iota flourish and continue to stand among the most respected facilities at UT.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration in accounting allowed John to pursue a rewarding 50-year career in commercial banking, and he now serves as a financial consultant to various clients. Originally, he started in banking in Dallas as a management trainee with Republic National Bank.

John and his wife, Barbara, stay involved with UT through the Texas Exes, Texas Cowboys, and the Chancellor’s Council Executive Committee. They are also season ticket holders for sporting events at the University. Their extended involvement allows them to keep in touch with friends throughout the Longhorn nation and have the honor to continue working for UT. John and Barbara also have two children and four grandchildren, and live in Dallas. You can contact John at

Fraternity Experience Inspires Meredith Long ’50 to Live a Life of Excellence

Of the many cherished memories Meredith Long ’50 has of Delta Tau Delta, the memory of the beautiful chapter house located at 2801 San Jacinto, one of UT’s finest facilities, is the strongest. “Both the house and the Delts who lived there, many of them older than me, provided a warm place to work my way through the University,” Meredith says. “Gamma Iota provided a homing nest for many of the undergraduates during my time, and continues to do so today. I became a more confident, social, and successful person because of the men I was surrounded by in Delta Tau Delta.”

One of the most admirable qualities of many of the men Meredith associated with in Gamma Iota was that they were WWII veterans. He says, “Several of the guys in the chapter were veterans coming back from WWII. I wasn’t a veteran at the time; I was too young. But these guys had a certain attitude about them, and I became friends with many of them. They were certainly an outgoing bunch, and I have valued these friendships since.”

These brothers taught Meredith the ropes in Gamma Iota and inspired him to become involved in many of the activities the fraternity hosted or participated in at UT. Among Meredith’s favorites were the evening serenades that Delta Tau Delta performed for young ladies who were Sweethearts of the Delts, as well as when he and Kleber Miller ’51 joined UT’s debate team. “We were on the first string debate team of the University of Texas. We debated and won against Oxford University, Cambridge University, and many more. These unforgettable moments with my brothers have stayed with me for a lifetime, which is why I encourage current and future Gamma Iota Delts to be involved regularly with the daily activities and events in the fraternity. You’re only an active member for so long; don’t miss out on making once-in-a-lifetime memories!”

Meredith graduated from UT with a bachelor’s degree in government and went on to become a dealer in fine art, specializing in American art. He was also very honored to be made a member of the Friar Society of the University of Texas. In the right season, you’ll likely find him hunting or fishing. Meredith and his wife, Cornelia, live happily in Houston, Texas. He can be reached at

Bill McMeans ’80 Grateful for Delta Tau Delta

Enjoy your time to the fullest, but take care of business—that’s the advice Bill McMeans ’80  offers to undergraduate Delta Tau Delta members. It’s something that hits home for Bill and his family, especially after the passing of his son, Austin McMeans ’17, last July.

“This past year was extraordinarily difficult with the passing of our son. The Delt family has been really great in helping us cope with that loss,” Bill says.

Austin was a proud member of the fraternity and the president of his pledge class. Bill says that outside of his wife, Tracie, Austin was his best friend, and he paid him the greatest compliment by attending the University of Texas and becoming a Delt.

Bill visited the house last November for Alumni Weekend, and the chapter did a special toast to Austin. Talking with the active members made Bill confident that Delta Tau Delta is developing strong future leaders.

When Bill came to the University of Texas, he chose to become a Delt because he was looking for a home with men who shared common interests. He jokes that he was a “professional rushee” for three semesters before he joined the chapter.

“As our society manages to inadvertently diminish traditional values, it’s important that our young men have a place where certain time-honored traditions remain constant,” Bill says. “Delta Tau Delta certainly provided that for me, and sometimes in ways that I did not fully understand until I was much older.”

Bill advises undergraduate members to get involved and seek out alumni as mentors. He encourages fellow alumni to stay involved with the chapter as they now have a chance to help shape the future of Delta Tau Delta.

“Perhaps an individual alumnus has not discovered what his time as a Delt undergraduate has done for him, but I guarantee as time goes by, those gifts and learned lessons will be recognized if that person gives it chance,” Bill says. “You only get out what you put into something.”

Bill and his wife, Tracie, live in Austin, Texas. His daughter, Kris, recently moved to New Zealand. Bill founded and developed a plastics company, Republic Plastics, which he sold in 2006. Since then, he has been investing in small private equities and doing entrepreneurial consulting. His e-mail is

Why Stacy Hunt ’73 Gives Back to Gamma Iota Chapter

When Stacy Hunt ’73  left Houston to come to the University of Texas, he knew he had found a new home at Delta Tau Delta. “Many of my best friends were going to UT and joining fraternities. I met a ton of great Delts from all over the state during summer recruitment and felt comfortable at the Delt house,” Stacy says.

Stacy served in chapter officer positions while pursuing a finance degree, and he said his best times in college were spent bonding with his pledge class of 32 brothers. One of their favorite activities was intramurals, and Stacy fondly remembers Gamma Iota winning the overall championship during his senior year when he led the fraternity as intramural director.

Now as an alumnus, Stacy visits the Delt house at least three times each fall and enjoys seeing the undergraduates making memories just like he and his brothers did years ago.

“All I can say is that when I visit the house and talk to undergraduates, I am impressed with the quality of the kids. They appear to be respectful and a hell of a lot brighter than I was, thus they deserve alumni support,” Stacy says.

Stacy wants to make sure current and future Gamma Iota members have the same fraternity experience and opportunities he had. That’s why he made the decision to contribute to the Alumni Association so he can support the chapter and help relieve the financial burden for members.

“If a Delt alum believes his days at 2801 San Jacinto played a major positive role in his college experience, which I do, it just makes good sense to give back and help ensure that these solid kids have a shot at that same experience,” Stacy says.

The Delta Tau Delta experience extends beyond the four undergraduate years, and Stacy encourages everyone to remember that.

“Do your best in the classroom, but take time to really know your fraternity brothers as many will be friends for life, and life passes way too fast.”

Stacy is the executive director for Greystar Real Estate Partners and joined the firm in 1982. He and his wife, Dianne, have four children: Allison, Amy, Stephen, and Lauren. He and Dianne live in Houston, Texas. E-mail:

JOhn IrwinJohn Irwin ’68 Rescued by Delta Tau Delta

Coming from a small town, John Irwin ’68 was a self-proclaimed “nerd and geek with few social skills.” The vastness of UT petrified him, and by mid-term it was obvious he needed a lot of social help. Thankfully, John was encouraged to go through recruitment and joined Delt in the spring of 1965. “Delta Tau Delta rescued me.”

The Delt brotherhood and influence gave John the social skills he needed to be confident and excel during his years at UT. “My best memories revolve around the camaraderie and fellowship at the Delt house on the weekends. Of course there were the parties. I was surrounded by really talented, great guys from 1965-68. I learned a lot from them.” While enjoying the social aspects of Gamma Iota, John also knew he had to focus on academics. “A degree from UT with decent grades will get you a lot of opportunities in any business or profession. Have a great time at the Delt house but put in the academic effort.” John graduated from UT with a bachelor of science in chemistry and went on to Baylor Medical School.

John is thankful for how Gamma Iota helped him grow and feels it is important to give back. “I owe a great debt to the fraternity. I do not believe that I would have had the same success in life had it not been for my years at the Delt house. Supporting the annual campaign is my way of giving back. The annual campaign is an easy way to help our young brothers have the same success we had. I cannot imagine why there would be any hesitation.”

John is an obstetrician/gynecologist and chief of surgery at the Women’s Hospital of Texas in the Medical Center, and is on the teaching faculty at Baylor College of Medicine. He and his wife, Simone, have four children and nine grandchildren, with a 10th due in December. Connect with John via e-mail at

The Lipscomb Delt Legacy
As Told by Rik Lipscomb ’91

My dad, Richard Lipscomb ’68, grew up in the small north Texas town of Nocona. He initially committed to pledge Phi Gamma Delta before he figured out what a bunch of schmucks they were and pledged Delt because they were “his kind of small town country guys.” The Delts were a well-rounded, academically respected group. His favorite memory was the summer he lived at the Shelter, enjoying the coke machine they’d converted to a free vending beer dispenser and waking up one morning to find a canoe from Town Lake stuck in the stairwell.

Richard graduated from UT with an accounting degree in 1968. After working as an accountant for about eight years, he left his position as controller at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth to start buying and selling new and used cars. The Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealer in Nocona called in 1979 and he bought the dealership in his hometown in June of that year. He enjoyed success despite challenges presented by the sky-high interest rates and oil bust of the early ’80s. At GM’s request, he purchased the Bowie point in 1989 and added Buick and GMC trucks, along with Chevrolet, to Lipscomb Auto Center. In late 1992, Richard was wrapping up construction of a new facility on Hwy 287 when I joined the operation after a couple of years spent with the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball operation. In 2006, we acquired both the Chevrolet and Ford dealerships in Burkburnett, Texas, 15 miles north of Wichita Falls on the border with Oklahoma. In the last year, we’ve also added a location in Lawton, Oklahoma, as well as a KTM motorcycle and Arctic Cat ATV and UTV store in Wichita Falls with a full-service insurance operation set to open within all five locations in September. The dealership operations retail 350 to 400 new and used vehicles a month.

My dad has always put the customer first and has gone over and above to do whatever he could to take care of them. I can recall the time he repurchased a Chrysler product back himself that Chrysler wouldn’t stand behind. That kind of service kept that customer for a lifetime and is just one of many examples of our philosophy of putting the customer first, but we know to do that, we have to have great employees and take care of those too.

My brother, Kelly ’01, provides all the advertising and marketing support for the operation from his Ads in Gear advertising agency based in Austin, Texas. Kelly also operates Widespread Creative, a production company also based in Austin, producing or assisting in the production of everything from Pepsi commercials, episodes for the Longhorn Network on ESPN, to the recent “American Daredevils” series broadcast on the History Channel.

I feel fortunate enough to be able to follow in dad’s footsteps. Fortunately, as a legacy, the Delts had to let me in, but I think neither Clark nor Kelly needed to play that card. I live in Wichita Falls with my wife, Shaye, and daughters, Carson (10) and Dani (5). I enjoy the time spent raising our daughters, flying my Cessna Turbo 182RG, cruising the ’69 Camaro, and riding dirt bikes at every opportunity.

Clark left for Aspen, Colorado, shortly after leaving UT and hasn’t looked back. He has made a successful career in real estate, and lives with his wife, Meredith, daughter, Liz (10), and son, Mason (5).

Richard spends a good portion of his time acquiring more classic automobiles and working on his extensive collection of mostly ’50s and ’60s Chevrolets, Buicks, and Oldsmobiles, among many others. He also enjoys spending time on his ranch adjoining the Brazos River between Weatherford and Granbury, as well as the residential development nearby that features large river front home sites, not to mention a fly-in community with a paved runway. Richard lives in Fort Worth with his wife of 47 years, Carol, a Chi Omega from UT.

image005Membership Provides Lifelong Benefits
How Delt Influenced Clark Smith ’76

When looking back on his life, Clark Smith ’76 reflects on which institutions and people had the most impact on his life. Without question, the brothers from the Gamma Iota Chapter at the University of Texas are among them. “I am very proud to be a Delt and a graduate of UT-Austin.  My Delt experience was a special time in my life as I made some great lifelong friends,” Clark shared. Even 30 years after graduation, Clark celebrated his 60th birthday with a group of Delt brothers he is still close with today.

When asked about his favorite college memories, Clark laughed and said that most cannot be shared, but football weekends around the Delt Shelter were special. He cherishes the time as a collegian and he encourages undergraduates to appreciate their time at UT-Austin. “Enjoy every moment of your Delt experience at UT-Austin and be as active as possible in the chapter.  It will seem like a blur when looking back after four years.”

Clark joined Delt to meet new friends and go to parties, but what he received was of much greater significance. The memories and friendships left a positive and lasting influence on Clark’s life. To ensure that young men can have the same Delt experience he had, Clark chooses to give back to the annual campaign. “It is easy to make a contribution and help the Delts continue their success. Just do it and also attend one of the alumni events. You will feel good reconnecting with the Delt Chapter and it will bring back great memories.”

After earning a degree in finance and an MBA, Clark moved to Houston. His wife, Barbara, is also an alumna from UT-Austin. They have two children: Frances, who graduated from UT-Austin in 2012, and Rymer, who is an avid Longhorn fan and hopefully a future Delt. Clark is the chairman and CEO of Buckeye Partners L.P., a midstream petroleum products business. E-mail:

image006Remembering to Give Back
Peyton L. Townsend Jr. ’62 Wants Delt to Remain Strong

“Do remember that this is your home, the place where you made friends and came of age, a place that will be part of you forever, and of which you will be forever a part. Remember to come home now and then, both in spirit and in fact. Wherever you go from here, send us a postcard—along with your check—and we will keep you in our hearts.” Dr. William S. Livingston, spoke those words during the spring 1999 commencement address, and Peyton L. Townsend Jr. ’62 thinks they apply to both the university and to the fraternity.

Peyton’s choice to join Gamma Iota was easy because his father had been a Delt and there were two Delts on his block that he had grown up with, Bill Cortelyou ’57 and Bob Dickson ’60. “I loved the whole damn thing—intramurals, rush, parties, just hanging out at the Shelter.” He encourages undergraduates to enjoy their time in the chapter but to keep their studies in shape for whatever they want to do after school. As an alumnus, Peyton finds time to give back to both UT and Gamma Iota.

“I believe we had one of the best fraternities, if not the best when I was on campus. I think the Delts have produced more distinguished alumni at UT than any chapter on campus, and we have initiated more Delts than any other chapter in the country. It’s very simple: if we don’t continue to support our chapter, then it will be hard for it to remain strong.  I have a number of friends who were in other fraternities, and they are still very supportive of their chapters.

“I personally got a lot out of my fraternity experience, and I would guess almost all would feel the same way.  If that is in fact true, then I feel it’s incumbent on us to support the chapter to whatever extent we can.”

Peyton lives in Dallas. He and his wife, Carolyn, (Pi Beta Phi, UT) enjoy attending the symphony and gardening. He works at the Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management. E-mail:

robert straitDelt Forever and Glad of It!
Robert Strait ’77 Gives Back to Gamma Iota

Robert Strait ’77
decided to join the fraternity after older friends from high school joined Delta Tau Delta.

Looking back as an alumnus he is grateful for his experiences and wants to give back to the fraternity. While earning a BBA in finance, Robert developed leadership skills and real life experience as the rush captain for Gamma Iota. In addition to professional development, Delt gave Robert great experiences with his pledge class. His favorite memories include Rusty Wier at the Delt Shelter during roundup, football weekends, intramural sports, and state rush parties.

As an alumnus, Robert has stayed involved with Gamma Iota by serving on the housing corporation. “I owe so much to the Delts and most of my friends are Gamma Iota Delts. Keeping Gamma Iota strong continues to benefit us all. It’s better to give than to receive,” Robert said. His advice to undergraduates and all alumni is to keep in contact with friends after graduation.

Today, Robert owns Strait Music Company and resides in Austin, Texas. “It opened in 1963. It is a full-line musical instrument store with two locations and more than 60 employees,” Robert said. In his free time, Robert enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing near his second home in Llano, Texas. He and his wife, Yogi, have a daughter, Ashlan, and a son, Clint, who married Katie Bowen, the daughter of Ted Bowen ’78. “They’re expecting my first grandson in May,” shared Robert. E- mail:

Ellis WinstanleyThankful for the Great Memories
Ellis Winstanley ’03 Reflects on His Gamma Iota Membership

As a freshman at the University of Texas, Ellis Winstanley ’03 chose to join Delta Tau Delta because he saw a distinction between it and other fraternities on campus.“Delta Tau Delta had a unique spirit to me, one that was very genuine. I connected with that immediately,” shared Ellis. His best memories come from the many relationships established during his undergraduate years in the fraternity. He also enjoyed building for parties and serving as the social chairman.

Today, Ellis stays involved as an alumnus by serving on the house corporation and previously as the chapter advisor. He encourages alumni to give back to Gamma Iota by getting involved or by donating to the annual campaign. “You get what you put into it. That’s been the case since pledgeship (or birth; however you want to look at it),” Ellis explains. His advice for undergraduates is “learn to learn, build relationships, and enjoy your time in the chapter.”

Ellis and his twin brother, Austin ’03, work at Tradelogic Corporation. “CEO is my title, but I’d rather not have one honestly. We turn around and expand distressed businesses and sometimes start up new ones in hospitality, software, printing/promotional, construction, real estate, and apparel industries. We like to build things,” Ellis says.

Ellis lives in Austin, Texas, with his family. He and his wife, Paige, have two identical twins, Hugh and Bauer, and a little girl on the way. E-mail:

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