Stacy Hunt ’73

Why Stacy Hunt ’73 Gives Back to Gamma Iota Chapter

When Stacy Hunt ’73  left Houston to come to the University of Texas, he knew he had found a new home at Delta Tau Delta. “Many of my best friends were going to UT and joining fraternities. I met a ton of great Delts from all over the state during summer recruitment and felt comfortable at the Delt house,” Stacy says.

Stacy served in chapter officer positions while pursuing a finance degree, and he said his best times in college were spent bonding with his pledge class of 32 brothers. One of their favorite activities was intramurals, and Stacy fondly remembers Gamma Iota winning the overall championship during his senior year when he led the fraternity as intramural director.

Now as an alumnus, Stacy visits the Delt house at least three times each fall and enjoys seeing the undergraduates making memories just like he and his brothers did years ago.

“All I can say is that when I visit the house and talk to undergraduates, I am impressed with the quality of the kids. They appear to be respectful and a hell of a lot brighter than I was, thus they deserve alumni support,” Stacy says.

Stacy wants to make sure current and future Gamma Iota members have the same fraternity experience and opportunities he had. That’s why he made the decision to contribute to the Alumni Association so he can support the chapter and help relieve the financial burden for members.

“If a Delt alum believes his days at 2801 San Jacinto played a major positive role in his college experience, which I do, it just makes good sense to give back and help ensure that these solid kids have a shot at that same experience,” Stacy says.

The Delta Tau Delta experience extends beyond the four undergraduate years, and Stacy encourages everyone to remember that.

“Do your best in the classroom, but take time to really know your fraternity brothers as many will be friends for life, and life passes way too fast.”

Stacy is the executive director for Greystar Real Estate Partners and joined the firm in 1982. He and his wife, Dianne, have four children: Allison, Amy, Stephen, and Lauren. He and Dianne live in Houston, Texas. E-mail:

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