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As freshmen, we trusted Delta Tau Delta to provide us with opportunities and memories no other place at UT could offer. It gave us leadership, friendship, and a network of alumni contacts. Our membership made us leading men on campus. That’s how I’ll remember our brotherhood, but how will our brotherhood remember us?

When we began this newsletter, life was pretty normal, we were actively pressing forward with the fundraising campaign, and we were prepping for demolition of the adjacent property this summer. Then in March, everything came to a screeching halt.

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s lives, including those of your Gamma Iota undergraduate brothers. Most of the undergraduates have returned home—there are about a dozen living in the Shelter still, but they are social distancing themselves and aren’t congregating together.

A few other things are happening as a result: our seniors are being refunded $300 of their fees for their social events that they will miss out on; our spring pledge class will continue with the fall 2020 pledge class; but most importantly, our brothers are staying strong and connecting with and checking-in on each other through digital means.

Each of us committed to a lifetime membership in Delta Tau Delta during initiation. Now it’s on us to ensure that membership still benefits undergraduates and alumni alike. Take this opportunity to connect with another brother and check-in on him during this difficult time. If you need contact information for any brother, we are happy to provide you a list of your era. With just a few minutes of your time, you can make a positive impact on this brotherhood and reach out to a brother.

Our primary focus for the last few weeks has been making sure our brothers are taken care of and provided for. Even with these challenging times, the need has not changed. We know that in order to compete on campus and remain a viable organization our Shelter must be overhauled. We hope we can shift focus this summer and demolish the adjacent property.

Our goal is still to reach $9.5 million raised to fund our project.

While we’re fundraising for the bricks and mortar part of Gamma Iota, we can each play a part in the brotherhood in a meaningful way—right now. Join the hundreds of alumni who believe in our fraternity and want to help advance Gamma Iota.

Bill McMeans ’80
Campaign Chairman
(512) 261-5734

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