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Ensuring the Texas Delt Experience Continues for the Next Generation
What You Can Do to Help Advance Our Brotherhood

What comes to mind when you think of Texas Delt? Do you think of receiving your bid to join Delta Tau Delta? Or the night you were initiated? Maybe the time you met the brothers who are now your best friends? Possibly the time a brother helped you through a difficult moment in your life? Whatever it is you think about, these same experiences are happening to a new generation of brothers today.

Being involved with the chapter and this campaign has made me excited for what our future holds. My involvement has given me the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, as well as afforded me the pleasure of getting to know many brothers of different eras. It is my hope that this campaign will give you a reason to reconnect with the brothers who were an important part of your Delta Tau Delta experience.

The Texas Delts: Continuing the Tradition campaign is about more than the construction and addition to our Shelter—it is about the total Texas Delt experience and the impact the house has on the lives of these young men while at UT. As you reflect on your time at Delta Tau Delta, consider how important our Shelter at 2801 San Ja­cinto was to your fraternity experience.

We have less than one year until we need to begin construction—our success lies squarely on how much we can raise in the coming months. It is imperative we reach our $9.5 million campaign goal to ensure this project’s completion.

What the Competition Is Doing
The average participation among Greek campaigns is 25%. To date, 230, or 9.7%, of our membership has made a commitment. If 355 more brothers contributed, we would reach this average. But we are not average—our goal is to have 1,000 donors by the end of this campaign, bringing us to about 40% participation. If we do not increase this level of support, our plans for the Shelter will drastically change. We need the support of all of you if we are going to raise the remaining $2.75 million to reach our fundraising goal and keep our vision intact.

Click the newsletter image to view more renderings, more information on the campaign, and an update on the chapter.

Other chapters at UT are in the midst of completing or have finished similar fundraising campaigns and have much higher participation than ours. Those include:

Phi Gamma Delta—35% (800 donors!)
Kappa Sigma—25% (460 donors)
Phi Kappa Psi—22%
Pi Kappa Alpha—13% (campaign in progress)
Kappa Alpha Order—12% (campaign in progress)

This is possible if we all band together. If you have not made a pledge to the campaign, I encourage you to do so today—no matter what the level. Your gift could be the one to help us start construction on the new house.

If you have already made a pledge to the campaign, I respectfully ask you to consider an additional gift or adding another year onto your pledge to help us further reach our campaign goal. Please also reach out to a brother with whom you have a shared Texas Delt experience and ask him to join you in this campaign. Or if you have Delts in your family, consider making a family gift and get all your names on our donor list.

It is our turn to ensure that future generations of Texas Delt brothers develop as leaders and men in the same fashion we did. Our individual generosity will impact the lives of young men just as those who preceded us left a mark on our own development. Remember, as UT continues to grow, the personal experience within a fraternity is more important than ever.

Inside this newsletter, you will find a list of our brothers who have contributed to the success of the campaign. We hope you will take this opportunity to join us in support. Please contact me with any questions regarding your gift or the chapter. Thank you for your loyalty to and support of Texas Delt!

Bill McMeans ’80
Campaign Chairman
(512) 261-5734

Recent Donors

Tom Mast ’60
Cleveland G. Clinton ’75
Brent Dickey ’90
Todd W. Kurio ’91
Bryant McKenzie ’15
Luke M. Anderson ’16

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